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Converting your bus fleet to alternative drives.

Estimate the operational, environmental and economic impacts of a fleet changeover:

Initial design of the hydrogen and charging infrastructure (space requirement, required connection power, etc.)

Impact on vehicle care, maintenance and training needs

Assessment of environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of the fleet, including hydrogen and electricity supply Estimation of fleet acquisition costs associated with vehicle procurement and infrastructure development

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive technology comparison with consideration of the most up-to-date drive technologies (battery electric, fuel cell, fuel cell range extender, H2-burners) based on your specific fleet composition and mileage
  • Determining the expected energy demand (hydrogen and electricity) based on your cycles and the associated impact on the necessary infrastructure
  • Presentation of investment requirements for vehicles and infrastructure, taking into account current funding opportunities
  • Determination of the reduction of CO2 as well as the relevant nitrogen oxide and particle emissions compared to diesel vehicles
  • Consideration of different hydrogen and electricity supply paths (delivery or electrolysis on site, grid and green electricity, etc.) and their impact on the greenhouse gas balance of your bus operations
Upon request:

  • Consideration of individual, operational specifications in the design of the hydrogen and charging infrastructure (e.g., higher safety reserve)
  • Cost comparison versus conventional diesel technology over the life cycle of the vehicles (LCC)

Further information

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Case Study (English) - Feasibility study: alternative drives for bus fleets


White Paper -
Hydrogen mobility in public transport


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