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Packaging is under intense scrutiny by both regulators and buyers. Questions tend to focus on recycling, recycled content and overall ecologically conscious designs. Some materials have a positive public image and others—like plastics—have a negative one. But the materials used in packaging are not the only important factors that determine sustainability.

The GaBi Packaging Calculator offers you a virtual LCA expert tool that can be used by non-experts as well! Its interface communicates with your designers, your marketing department and your product managers, giving you answers you can relay internally and externally. GaBi Packaging Calculator is designed for packaging products - robust in data, easy to use and very affordable!

Why download the webinar material:

Our webinar will guide you through the tool’s functions and use cases. We’ll explain how consultancy combined with solid LCA methodology and GaBi data & software enable you to:

Make better material and manufacturing choices by designing new packaging with an instant eco-calculator

Improve the environmental performance and circularity of your existing design by comparing new alternatives to the existing product

Make decisions based on a range of Life Cycle Assessment impact categories and indicators as well as the Material Circularity Index (by the Ellen McArthur Foundation)

Prepare reports for each assessment at the press of a button

...without the need of LCA expertise. Benchmarking and communicating the performance of your packaging was never so easy!


  • Sophie Kieselbach, Senior Consultant, thinkstep
  • Flora D’Souza, Senior Consultant, thinkstep


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About thinkstep:

thinkstep helps businesses become more environmentally friendly through improvements in operational excellence, product innovation, brand value and regulatory compliance. With expert sustainability consulting services, high quality data and easy-to-use product and organizational software, thinkstep enables organizations worldwide to succeed sustainably.

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