Hand-picked Material Knowledge

MatSphere is a material catalog of industries’ “Most Wanted” materials. The most important metals and polymers are consolidated in a single catalog with reliable physical, environment and substance information. 

Hereby we empower your product development process with consistent material data. Leverage material standards maximize the quality and accuracy of your products via standardized material catalogs and material databases (e.g. MMPDS, Stahldat, GaBi Content, Dekra, CAMPUS).

We offer

    • Material foundation for the digital material twin
    • A holistic and Consolidated material catalog
    • Hand-picked and consolidated material knowledge from leading reference sources
    • Consolidation of industry standards
    • Migration and mapping of legacy data
    • Maintenance of material data
    • Material on demand
    • Assured support for Downstream CAD/FEA Solutions

Provide your individual subset with your needs

    • Physical properties
    • Mechanical properties
    • Substance information
    • Environmental footprint

With a holistic approach you can design innovative and sustainable products based on your comprehensive material information. Due to standardized material information, which means to use one consolidated database, you get hand-picked and no redundant data as well as secured quality data.

Get used to material standards and benefit from material intelligence through our material data gold source!



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thinkstep enables organizations worldwide to succeed sustainably. thinkstep's industry-leading environmental sustainability software, data and consulting services help businesses drive operational excellence, product innovation, brand value and regulatory compliance.

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