Introducing The Planet Mark™
A sustainability certification programme

Join our free webinar with Planet First

On January 17, 2018 at 3pm GMT thinkstep will be hosting a free webinar with CloudApps Sustainability Cloud customer, Planet First, to discuss its unique sustainability certification programme, The Planet Mark™. 

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The Planet Mark™ Certification Programme

The Planet Mark™ Certification Programme helps organisations grow economically by improving their environmental and social performance. Through rigorous carbon footprint measurement and reporting, The Planet Mark™ provides assurance that an organisation is addressing its corporate sustainability impact. The programme builds employee and stakeholder engagement and creates positive environmental and social change.

Why join?

Join the free webinar to learn how Planet Mark-certified businesses make a 10% carbon saving year-on-year on average per employee through energy use, waste, water, travel and procurement. Using results-based evidence and case studies, Planet First will discuss the main features of the programme, including how it can help businesses:

Reduce carbon | Manage risk | Save money | Retain and engage staff | Communicate achievements | Add social value | Align with ISO14001 and other frameworks | Attract and retain customers. 

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