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GaBi 8 has arrived:
Unpack new and enhanced features!

GaBi 8 has a new look and feel!

  • The layout has been adapted to the thinkstep style guide
  • GaBi 8 has a new tree structure with 5 sections, reflecting the different stages of a Life Cycle Assessment

New capabilities in GaBi 8

  • tsx is the new data exchange format between GaBi databases, replacing the gbx format
  • ILCD export is now PEF compliant, supporting all PEF required data set information
  • GaBi 8 and GaBi Server 2.0 now support "Multi-group objects"

GaBi 8 improvements

  • The user can now add region, name, source, type information
  • For flows, quantities and units, the user can now add comments
  • GaBi 8 has updated default dashboard templates for the latest environmental indicators

Other notable changes

  • GaBi 8 is now supported on Windows 10
Want to learn more about GaBi 8? Take a glimpse and see how "Look&Feel" and usability have improved!

Take a tour!