AB 262
Buy Clean California Act

Bidding on California public projects in the wake of new regulations.


California has passed a new law that will require Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that demonstrate lower-than-average Global Warming results for a handful of steel, glass and insulation products sold to their state-funded construction products. The “Buy Clean California Act,” otherwise known as AB262, is somewhat ambiguous, so the California Department of General Services (DGS) is assessing how to implement the law by reaching out to stakeholders for input. We encourage members of all industries to learn about the law’s implications and to join thinkstep in making public comments by August 10th on the California DGS’s proposed approach.

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- Learn what the law says and how the California DGS is planning to implement it

- Gain insights into how the law includes and excludes products

- Get your questions answered, review the timelines for public comment and learn the concrete next steps manufacturers can take



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